Loan Rates Share Certificates Share Accounts Fee Schedule

Effective as of: January 15, 2022
Share Draft Account FeesOther Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)
Share Draft Returned Item$30.00 per itemAccount Closing (within 6 months of opening)$5.00
Share Draft Stop Payment$25.00 per requestMoney Order Copy$5.00
Share Draft/Check PrintingPrices vary by styleBelow Minimum Balance$5.00/month
Share Draft Copy$5.00 per draftIRS Backup Withholding$3/quarter
Business Checking Account Service$30.00 monthlyAccount number reassignment (If more than once per year.)$5
Non-Member Check Cashing$5.00IRA withdrawal (2 free per year)$2/withdrawal
Account Overdraw Item Paid$30.00IRA transfer fee (to another company).$5
Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)
Account Reconciliation/Research$30.00 per hourExceed Transaction Limitations$1.25/transaction
Statement Copy$3.00 per statement copyPhone transaction (If it can be done by automated telephone service or online banking.)$3 per transaction
Deposited Item Return$30.00 per itemCredit Union Check Issued$3 per check on Business Acct
Account Overdraw Item Paid$30.00
Wire Transfer$25.00 per transfer
Incoming Recuring Wire Fee$15.00 per wire
Western Union Wire$25.00
Foreign Check Collection$10.00
Money Order$2.00/Money Order
Inactive Account$20.00 per year
Account Closure$20.00, if closed six months of opening
Stop Payment/Reissue of CU Issued Check/Money Order$30.00
Returned Mail$5.00/Mail returned
Preauthorized Debit Return$30.00 per debit
History$2.00 per page
Copy of Credit Union Issue Check$5.00 per check
Credit Union Check Look-up$3.00 per check
Third Party Verification$10.00
Credit Union Checks Issued$5.00 per check
Escheatment Reporting$50.00
Fax: Local$3.00; $1.50 each additional page
Fax: Out of State$5.00; $1.50 each additional page
Fax: Receiving$3.00; $1.00 each additional page
Certified MailPostal Cost
Power of Attorney Review$50.00
Electronic Funds Transfer Fees
Electronic Debit Stop Payment$25.00
Electronic Debit Return$30.00
Account Overdraw Item Paid$30.00/Transaction
ATM Card Replacement$5.00
PIN Reissue$5.00
Foreign Transaction1.00% of transaction amount
Visa Gift Card$3.00
Visa Travel Card$5.00
Travel Card Reload$2.00/Reload (Applies if can be done by online or Mobile App)
Share Value
Par Value of One Share$5.00
Online Banking
Bill Pay$6 monthly (No fee if pay more than 5 bill payments per month.)
Other charges may apply on additional services used through bill pay vendor.
Visa Travel/Gift Card Replacement$15.00